Thursday, 6 February 2014

Washout? Then have a Blowout

baseball player fails drug tests funny fail forgot to not get high because of being stoned not hank aaron 715Slightly damp all day and we laughed at the lake in the park. This is the one that overflows onto the road, the rivulets are on the left.
Of course, it stopped when school finished but the park was more sea than grass and my wetsuit doesn't fit any more and Mrs JB kindly offered to take me round to theirs for Match Attax! and Lego, because I never get any of that here.
Not everyone was having a good time, 3 Fire & Rescue vehicles screamed past just while I was getting my shoes on.
So Bob and Ben and Johnny and I took it in turns to play Glider of Death on the Wii and the highest anyone scored was 1.
boy on scooter milton park portsmouthThis is because it's much more fun to crash the glider and I went in a volcano and crashed into the lava! But we found 3 more undiscovered islands and hit many floating bubbles which is the aim of the game. Then there was a tussle over pole position and a plate was crunched but they do that after every meal in Greece, and they're in a terminal recession so they can't be that expensive.
I was also given many free Match Attax! cards which seems to happen a lot, must give some back sometime. Then we picked Jof up and went to Wilko for party-bag stuff and I ran off again and hid in soft furnishings. OK so it's smaller than the West Kway Centre in Southampton but they didn't seem happy.

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