Friday, 14 February 2014


fat stupid cat jumps off bed laser pointer'Monopoly'
My Counter moves in sixes and fours
My magic key opens all the doors
I roll the cards and shuffle the dice
And I get to toss all the coins twice
©Mungleton 2014
Grandad has to wait another week before having his comedy nose-bandage removed. He says he may have to miss the Valentine's dinner at the Manor. Shame it isn't a masked ball.
milton park portsmouth underwaterIncidentally, he says that the Financial Times reports that Lego Minifigures will outnumber humans on this planet in 2019. Oh no! I'm betraying the human race!

art farming mirrors milton road portsmouth picture framing service
I was framed, yerronner

Poppy O'B is leaving my school to go elsewhere. At this news, several kids in my class burst into tears. The Year 4s did their play which is the Pied Piper. Faithfully following the original format, a girl whistled at rats and they died. But then the mayor said No, we won't invest in the Portsmouth school system and the Rat-whistler said Oi give me the money and she took all the boys (apart from one on crutches, who was too slow) and locked them up in her cave under Portsdown Hill, until school funding levels were increased.
Today it hailed down the kitchen chimney and made the range cooker go pinklepinkle.
roman army shield cardboard and short swordIn fact there was so much precipitation the playground was flooded and we had to exit via reception, which is wide enough for one person to go in or out, but not 2 at the same time. This Keystone Cops piece of planning held us all up.
We retrieved Blind Uncle Len's World War 2 map from the framer and I did this cheap sight gag.
In swimming the teacher says I'm nearly at the next hat level but I was pooped at the end.
My homework over half-term is on Romans. They did a bit of work here a couple of thousand years ago, and introduced the garden snail to the chagrin of gardeners ever since.
I made a shield with integral dagger and scabbard for easy murdering!

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