Friday, 7 February 2014

Ragnarok! (again)

man in clouseau coat clears snow from wrong car funny failSlightly breezy this morning, the chimneys and ventilator fans were woo-ing and clacking all night.
Anyway, news finally reaches me that the world is going to end again. I totally missed the Y2K debacle in which aeroplanes fell from the sky and confused computers fired nuclear warheads at each other. Armageddon due to the end of the Mayan calendar on 21 December 2012 was nice because we had Elizabeth's housewarming party, and the world hardly ended at all. Although there have been at least 15 similar predictions of rapture since I migrated to this planet, none have quite worked out.
viking in chain mail signals end of world to odin loki thor battle But now we have ... Ragnarok! This Viking end-of-days escapade involves hammers, trumpets, battles, busty wenches and beer, because those splendid Scandinavians were always party chaps. Odin gets busy with the old battleaxe and it all goes nipples-skyward. I know all about this sort of thing because Odin and Thor and Loki and all their mates regularly get busy on my cartoon show, in a manly and heroic way.

wooden six - string guitar
I got dem nobody coming to my party blues

Well blow me sideways with a Sochi Olympics snowblower, but the 22nd of February just so happens to be the next PuddleDaddies' Beer Festival! There'll be hammers, and strumpets, and battles, and beers, and hookers, and blackjack....
I won a merit certificate today for my joined-up handwriting. And then 2 more kids rang to say they weren't coming to my party. What, has jumping off a bouncy castle into a swimming pool gone out of fashion, then?
The swimming teacher says I'm close to getting to the next level, just need to work on my breathing, legs, front crawl and diving, and I'll be there. Bud got me 2 new Lego Minifigures, from series M (not a numbered series, but from the oft-anticipated Lego Movie). I got the Telephone Repairman and the Seagull Manager (one who flies in from nowhere, poos all over everything, makes a lot of noise and flies off again).

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