Monday, 24 February 2014

Nose to the Grindstone once more

reports into french food studiesfunny warning sign no running or walking on water jesusBack to school. Today was the open day we were supposed to have last week and several parents invaded our humble offices.
portsmouth lib dem council leader gerald vernon-jackson awards ceremonyI showed off my coursework and my joined-up writing is coming on a treat. I'm at the stage where you contrive to join up every single letter whether they join sensibly or not, using the wiggliest of tails, like the hyphae of some extra-terrestrial fungal mat. I get lots of encouraging comments from Miss M (well, with an initial like that, what do you expect) but it is immediately clear that my spelling is atroshus etruscan atishoo totally crap.
Incidentally, both of the nice houses with the big gardens I can see from the window are up for sale. I want a willow tunnel and the bonfire back, and now the estate agents even put an advert through the door saying come and see the house, it's taking the weewee.
Ben didn't join me before Scouts in case it rained but we met there and did taste and smell tests as part of our ongoing investigation into the 7 senses. Scouts are of course equipped with Scoutsense and either Batsense or Spideysense depending. We had to taste and identify honey, chili, salt, sugar and Marmite and boy did Ben pull some funny faces. So here is an entirely unrelated picture of me getting my Chief Scout's Bronze Award from the council leader for getting all the badges.

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