Sunday, 23 February 2014


bum nudist funky trolls history of unfulfilled prophecy by christians chewy floppyI attempted to break my own record and sleep for 12 hours but just missed out.
I built some tower with my latest Lego brick bonanza and we finished Earthrise. I dismantled the final keyboard and supervised the addition of the last keys.
It has extensive hidden texts, from the good old chewy-floppy-bum-nudist to "History of unfulfilled prophecy by Christians" and "Die by the sword".
In a break with reality we've also included the symbols for the first 56 elements on the periodic table, because you just have to, really.
It's OK at a distance I suppose but up close it looks a bit silly. Also it's quite large.
if you seek you will find the truth is already out there nudist
You get about 64 keys per row, and there are 47 rows, although many of them are the larger space bars, ALT and CAPS LOCK buttons etc. Then again there's quite a lot of little ones as well so you might be looking at about 3,000 keys. Well, it's something to do. Above the night sky bit is a picture of Charles Darwin also made out of keys, the inspiration for this cheap knockoff. We only had to buy the glue.
Then Ben came to pick me up for 4 hours' play and that's all I cared about. We played Hay Day on his tablet and already I have a better farm than his mum. It's a newer flashier version of Farmville so easy enough to understand. Jof got back late and said that Nanna is much better and is no longer attached to any machines going ping and tweet.

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