Monday, 10 February 2014

As dim as a TOC H Lamp

not ready to host the olympics please do not flush toilet paper, put in bin hygiene failSo last night Grandad was complaining about the low candlepower on his bedside light, how is he supposed to read with that, etc.
Dim as a Toc H lamp, he said.
Turns out that this archaic term is from Talbot House (and shortened to Toc H by the patois of the early signallers), a bible-bashing alternative to the NAAFI in wartime years and thereafter, a safe haven with branches in battlefields across the world where you could get a cup of tea and a sermon when beset by bullets.
Their emblem is a brass oil-style magic genie lamp with added double crucifix (cross of Lorraine), and the ones in the clubhouses were reputed to be of minimal candelas. At least, I don't think he was talking about my IQ.
toc h league of women helpers brass oil lamp with cross of lorraineAnd then we remembered the badge we inherited from Obscure Cousin Margaret... clearly someone in the family was in the Toc House League of Women Helpers, ie giving tea to our brave chaps etc.
Anyway, he had left the house before I was even out of bed, that's how keen he was to get to his hospital appointment. And I got a lift to school from Pops, does it get any better.
basal cell cancer nasal scrape patient
Grandad got a cab home eventually and as you can see, international super-model looks run in the family.
In Cubs we all got Creative badges for making a paper aeroplane and a towel made of newspaper.
Then we discussed what we'd found at the seafront and whatsisface was the winner with a very creditable speech about ambergris.
Then we looked at the stars and talked about how they'd moved since the pyramids were built.

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