Monday, 17 February 2014

Die by the Sword

Today was a pyjama day. I have warmly adopted this idea by Ben or Erin or whoever it was and I intend to stick to it. After all, it saves on laundry.
boy with b+q glue and computer keyboard keysAlthough there were 2 of us in the house, you wouldn't know it as I watched TV, played Lego and hooted to myself while Jobs were being done. We now have a blind in the kitchen instead of curtains, which turned out to be holding on to the wall by the merest of rawlplugs. In addition, there was a flurry of phone calls about Nanna who is going to have to stay in hospital for more tests, let's hope she passes her tests soon.
Earthrise (our mosaic project using keyboard keys) is progressing nicely but we've run out of keyboards again. Plus the glue is kinda smelly. But we looked at the letters we had left over and asked an anagram website what words we could make from them: I rejected the following possibilities
in favour of "Die by the sword" which fits in wonderfully with my school topic on Romans.

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