Sunday, 16 February 2014

Let the Needle drag the Record round

round tower and hot walls portsmouth harbour defencesSundays are recovery days and I had lots of that to do. I chased my Copper Knight around the table with my underground train and hooted and shouted and made silly noises and was told off frequently, why do they have to go on about it so much?
stalactites on ceiling of sea walls portsmouth harbour defencesIt was only at about 5pm that I agreed to get dressed and leave the house, having missed out on the many trees the park has lost to the wind, lying on the ground chopped up by buzzsaws.
The local dog population has been trying to out-do each other by getting the biggest stick available.
But I saw plenty more storm damage at the old walls at the harbour entrance. One of the cannon ports under the Round Tower is open because the door has been removed.
storm damaged walls sewer outflow pipeIt's clearly a wartime addition and the concrete is rusty but it's also got stalactites! The little snot-like straws hang down from the limestone roof and probably haven't been seen in years.
sea walls breached by storms portsmouth harbout sea defencesThe sea has ripped holes in the saluting wall and the bit over the waterfalls. The tidal defensive moat behind was gushing out over the stones, and as it was low tide we clambered down and stalked around on the makeshift stepping-stones. The Millennium walkway thing in front of the Admiral's bridge has been completely eroded and you could walk all the way through but I decided not to.
Later we wasted some money in Clarence Pier arcades and I climbed in the park while eating an ice cream. We crossed Admiral's Bridge in the dark leaving Jof to cross the dangerously unsupported sea wall walkway on her own.

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