Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Schnapps, Crackling and Pops

snowman humps santa chemist shop display funny fail happy holidaysThe lakes in the park are filling up again, OK it's not the Somerset Levels, but certainly the Dead Sea as the grass and tree roots drown and moulder. The park actually overflows across the pavement into the road by the gate I use to get to school.
girl eating chocolate chip brioche Today I finally got my Pops, she picked me up on the way in and we forcefully reminded her mother of her afternoon appointment at my house, and talked about balls and knockers. On the way home, we missed a massive rainbow by 10 minutes, a shame about the photo-opportunity but at least we were not likened unto Leprechauns.
messy bedroom dangers everything in a pileWe battled home against the wind, the air smelled of sea and I said there was seaweed in the air and he said look out it might rain winkles so we ran home.
I showed her my impressive Lego erection and we gave up trying to sort Match Attax! cards and made a den instead. To be honest, apart from pretending to be dogs, home-making has been our favourite activity since we first met.
We emptied all the Lego boxes and used everything that wasn't nailed down to trash the room, carnage as usual.
After supper (which included chocolate ice cream) she went home and I was given the good news: tidying my room was my job alone.

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