Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Badge 4, Lookensgepeepers

trolling during wartime germans fake airfields wooden planesiPhone and iPad making you short-sighted? Then try iGlasses! They offer clear vision with all-day wearability and are compatible with obsolete technologies like newspapers and human faces!
See your App-tometrist for details.
Tuesdays are days of confusion so playing kiss-chase with Erin and Harry and Ben was a nice change. Us boys planned escape moves and hid and did run-by attacks and all managed to come away unkissed. Bud says don't try quite so hard and give it time.
parkwood community leisure portsmouth gymnastics centreMy new guitar homework is Yankee Doodle, doesn't sound quite as funny as you clang away on the fretboard. Yesterday I did practice which is singing the song I wrote, the Give me Money song.
"Give me the munneyyy, I need the munneyy, I deserve mo' munneyyy...." At least I'm being honest about selling out early.
At Gymnastics we had to sit on each other to stretch muscles. I have been paired up with a girl of similar weight ie not much and we enjoy sitting on each other. It was much more painful when the teacher sat on me. At the end I was presented with my Badge 4, but 2 students are leaving us. One is returning to his home country which is China, I think, because his name is Rufus. The other has too many activities, I think he ran out of Daddy-Taxi miles.

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