Thursday, 31 May 2012

Suddenly, a wild half-term appears!

the car hit cheese bacon mushroom face
Following the "Man eating face of shooting victim" in USA, people should start collecting weapons, hiding holes and sacrificial friends for the imminent Zombie apocalypse.

Jubilee party in the assembly hall for those of us lucky to go to my school. We all got souvenir medals (actual metal ones with tricolour ribbons, but after the Gymnastics medal and the Bike medal, they're a bit old hat).
I walked out with the end-of-term springy step. Pops hooted us in passing so I got her round to ours and we made a big den. We played DJ Quack and Lady GooGoo and made a mess, generally, while housework was done around us.
fly agaric amanita muscaria toadstool big enough for kids
When her Mum finally came to pick her up, she dropped the bombshell that they might still be in the frozen north visiting relatives on the day of the Jubilee Puddleparty.
Still, at least we managed to do some goblin.
rowan atkinson as mr bean suggestive leering

Then I had to tidy up. Jof has promised me another game of Monopoly. The garden is being slowly reformatted and defragmented for next week.

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