Saturday, 12 May 2012

Today is a good day to dye

barclays spaces for sports football foundationToday Jof dyed a T-shirt red and did some tie-dye garments which came out pink. A second attempt made better headway but it's still pink.
I took UglyDaddy to Tunnel park where we played football, I showed off my awesome skills in the bright sunlight. In the swingpark bit we met some kid who I played throw the ball with, he's younger than me and was content to be ball retriever, as long as he could throw it at me and try to knock me off the slide.
bransbury park recreation areaI kept saying "On me head, son" so in the end he started calling me Daddy, which is only fair, for he does not have one of his own. We played well for ages, and he has a yummy single mummy so we might meet up with them next week.
Then we bought black pudding and 2 pounds of bacon for breakfast, as you do.
giant gun made of cardboard tubes and toilet rollsI spent the afternoon expanding my gun. Recently I saw Ben with a home-made weapon of impressive girth and am determined to outdo him. All this has been done without input from Bud because he would cheat and use a carpet tube or multiple drainpipe rocket launchers or van der graaf generator ball death ray or, indeed, lend me his actual rifle.
Jof was unwilling to parade her first tie-dyeing attempt on the interweb so here's me waving my potent weapon. It even has double bayonets.
In the background you can see the flag I made with blue paper and brown tape. The Jubilee party is going to be fun.

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