Thursday, 10 May 2012

Jouer avec mes ballons d'exercice Kegel

this is what your cat seesStrange water issued from the sky today. I could hear it on the skylight all night.
I got 10/10 on my maths test today which sounds impressive until you find out it was on the 10 x table. I'll call you back when I'm on the trigonometry tables, the actuarial tables or the UN round table.
'Twas another day of extreme wetness, I think we're all getting used to it and now the staff wetsuits have arrived, we can all get to work in comfort with none of those nasty diving bell jars.
partially completed difficult jigsaw in progress In the afternoon I spent another unprofitable period in front of the TV, computer and lego box while the chicken stew was cooked and the jigsaw came as close to completion as I think it will ever be. At suppertime I preferred cold chicken over everything else, so although I did eat my chips and veg, I stole enough meat from Jofs' plate to make her a vegan for the day.
The problem with the jigsaw is the sky. There is far too much of it, with little if any clue to its construction. The buildings were OK, I love doing edge bits etc but the sky just ain't gonna happen.
In other news, Grandma will require long term care. Given the impressive lifespans of our family and the grasping nature of the care system, I rather assume that their entire estate will gradually be consumed until none remains for my schooling.

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