Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Sun" day? Very funny

lego police cruiser with lights
Used every single light in my lego box to beautify my police boat. See how it shines with joy, just like Pops and me.
Went to big Sainsburys' but didn't find Bens' lost Lego Hero.
In Asda I bought a Germanic Lego Politzei motorbike (you can never have too many police things) and pulled umpteen copper coins from under the coin machine using a magnet on a stick while the staff stood around waiting for me to finish so they could lock up. Meanwhile, he ran 10 miles again and found another bagful of coppers on the streets of North End.
The massive jigsaw continues. It is a 1000-bit puzzle depicting the Ottawa skyline and has far too much sky for the amount of buildings. My method of completing it is to sigh sporadically saying "Ooo, this is tough", jiggle up and down a bit and hope that they'll finish it for me.

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