Monday, 21 May 2012

All our yesterdays

funny terminator comic inserting batteriesBack to school again.
Follower Martin has bought me a little army truck from a boy in the street, as you do. You can never have enough trucks.
This term, my class has been getting PE lessons from a proper British gymnast, he's the one that took the course at Ruby's school last year and we've seen him up at the big gymnastics centre talking to his gymnast friends. He's selected me (one of six boys and six girls) to perform in front of real judges in a competition against other schools! He says if I don't get zero I'll get a medal or a badge or something. It's nice to be picked. He's given me a routine with about 10 things in it, I practised it on the pavement on the way home.
The badge I'm working towards in Beavers is the Fitness Challenge badge - OK, so I'm a bike-riding football-playing gymnast with a power to weight ratio of 47.6 and about as much body fat as a Bic pen. Why don't they just give me the badge now?

Instead we moved onto tenting. I shall be camping with the Beavers and Scouts in a couple of weeks so we all had to practice tenting. Our ones sleep 4, but the Scouts have 11-man tents and the Cubs have 9-man tents or was it the other way round.
I cycled there and back through the park, which was full of clouds of buzzing midges. If we'd have been hit by a burst of cosmic gamma rays at the same time as being bitten by some radioactive midges, I'd have morphed into Midgeman!

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