Tuesday, 15 May 2012

St Bernards' Air Drop

funny newspaper article timothy pooler floridaAt 0430 we were hit by a hailstorm of startling ferocity. It sounded like the shower had invited all its friends round for a disco in the bathroom.
brightly coloured knitted cellular blanket
 Jof has completed Granisquare blanket #3. She is not proud of it as it fought back but she fails to see its brilliance of design and unique talents.
toy knitted hitler funny
Next project?
It is exceptionally warm and is so brightly coloured it is visible from space. I therefore suggest that it is sold to the Canadian Mounties Rescue Service or the Swiss Mountain Search Teams. Then, you simply tie the corners to a bijou barrellette of VSOP brandy and eject from the search'n'rescue plane, where it will act as its own hi-vis parachute and victim insulation blanket with built-in medicinal comforter while satellites from here to Saturn target its polychrome beacon. I would call it the St Bernard in honour of the thousands of St Bernard dogs that were thrown out of aircraft to bring fur and brandy to lost skiers etc.
Career choices: Barista or Barrister?
Ignominy! My teacher has assigned me some remedial work - letter formation practice. You know, the one where you trace over the dotted lines, because my shapes aren't so good and I mix up my ds and bs.
Surely I can get a job where you don't need to be able to read or write? McDougalls will always need people to sweep up, windows will always need cleaning, that chap in Commercial Road who sells flowers just shouts "Five panna buncha roses, larvley roses". They're over-selling this literacy business.
lego heroes and lego construction
Anyway, because of this, I couldn't go to the park when Erin invited me, although Bud said it was because Wednesday is park day and it'd still be wet from last nights' hailstorms. So I started on my letters, and it started to rain, which made me feel better. Then I felt bad about Erin being rained on.
Just as I'd finished A-L and was eating salami with Scooby Doo, Ben arrived with a new Lego hero. He had just got back from the dentist and needs a filling in a baby tooth, which is quite good going. BensMum feels bad about it. We legoed and heroed amiably for ages and ate salami and sausage rolls and yogurt and chicken.

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