Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cuando sea viejo y sabio (old and wise)

uno card gameleather armchairsThe weatherguessers have dissected the holy sparrow and predicted a craft day inside. But it was not to be: we had a walk and play in the local swingpark and then did crafty things.
I have made Jof frazzled by jabbering incessantly and needing things all the time, and Nanna has frazzled her by asking useful questions like "Has Bud had his lunch yet?" and then telling the same stories for the 4th time. Still, they exchanged some useful knitting patterns.

So. Did you guess what you can make out of a cable drum and a curtain?
amanita muscaria gnome with fishing rodSee me, for I am the human gnome of tiny stature and I have hooked a lego hero with my rod. Sadly the curtain wasn't big enough to cover the really big cable drum so I've had to use the next size down, lucky I have a bijou bottie and can fit.
This mushroom/toadstool is the Fly Agaric (amanita muscaria) and when eaten, the curious compounds contained therein can cause profuse sweating and delirium. So quite like Krazy Kaves, then.

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