Saturday, 19 May 2012

Riddle me up, Scotty

Riddled with bullet points
diy mushroom kit for gnomesWe all like bringing home unusual things to burn from work, Jof gets poster tubes and lifesize cardboard freaky boy scouts, Bud gets pallets and triangles and I get cardboard creations from cutting'n'sticking classes and sticks from the park. Nanna even has a wooden toilet seat saved up for us, for she knows our strange habits and incendiary desires.
One of the more recent inflammable curios is a cable drum, which will go up joyously like the last one. But he says there's something he can use it for first. Here it is with
●  A bit of curtain
●  A plastic fishing rod (only £2 at the charity shop!)
●  Some bits of packing foam
So, riddlers and piddlers all, what's it going to be? Answers on a postcard by last Friday, please, etc etc.
Today I left home, going to stay overnight with Nanna. This meant I missed the Puddle Picnic on the grass at the Summer Fayre in Victoria Park. But I got to go on the little train again and played in their swingpark and ate lots. I have been told that I need to get fatter, so I'm really trying, Nanna is good at food so it's a great place to start.
overhead barshouse on stilts playground
platforms and steam trainThey have 2 excellent play areas at the trains and you can go on a nature walk around the whole place. The lengthy track goes round a large lake which is stocked with fish and fishermen.

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