Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Not as pretty as I look

colour blind kid solving rubik's cube in 14 seconds
Today Teddy told me off 8 times during a playtime game of [tag without the den]. Well, that's what I reported anyway.
random kicking a footballWednesday park was good. I arrived top haste by trike, expecting everyone else to bring bikes but they didn't. I also brought the small football which saw much action as both football and tag-style throwing ball.
Johnny has a bandage on his leg, he's most proud. He was on some steps when Bobert launched an oar at him so he fell through and graunched his leg, but it didn't stop him doing anything.
hospital vomit bucket being used as a hatAt one point some tweenies/early teen big boys were playing big football too near us little people and the olds asked them to go away but instead they drew nearer to attempt intimidation with rude words and spitting.
To be honest the ginger ringleader had very scary acne but when the park officials arrived to talk at them, they all slunk away, wishing they had girls under 40 to impress.
Poor old Ben will have his filling done tomorrow so his parents have banned all types of sweetie and biscuit etc. Thus when we all got out our kit kats and jaffa cakes and so forth, he went ballistic and all the veins stood out on his neck when he primal screamed at his Mum.
In the grass somewhere I found an unused compressed cardboard hospital vomit/poo bucket. I have no idea why it was in the park but it made a great hat: it is my sickbowler hat.
We got nearly 2 hours of park and it was still sunny when we left.

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