Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Whether you want to or not

japanese engrish funny signToday is school photograph day. Funnily enough I have my picture taken fairly frequently so am no stranger to the gawping lens of the paparazzi.
I won a place in the Golden Book for my gold gymnastics medal and then got into the Polite Book for the first time - for saying thank you to the gymnast coach when we'd finished the tournament! This means another pound into my Lego Heroes fund, and another certificate and sticker for the fridge.
trying to kick a ball over a fenceI scooted back from school and went off for Park Wednesday. Charlotte and I used the curly yellow slide and sung our special Gymnastics song "Baby you're a firework". Johnny arrived but was abandoned with us because poor Bobert has the Delhi belly or some vomity lurgy and was not his usual self. Ben and Erin joined us presently. The boys went off to play football while Erin played scooting with Siena, a girl in my class.
wellingtonia treeWe dropped by for food every now and then, (as usual) and orbited the park on activity rotation, with Rosie and Charlie and Lola and many others. 
red white and blue icing on jubilee party cakesSadly I howled when Johnny pulled me over, howled when Ben tripped me up, howled when Erin took the ball from me and grumped off into a corner even when they were trying to say sorry for what were borderline transgressions at best.
This was 3 howls too many for Bud and he likened me unto the 2 year-old we all were once, and summarily cut short my playday for being pathetic and made me read until the washing up was done.
When we picked Jof up (missed the bus) I mysteriously failed to mention any of this. But I did cheer up when it was time to ice the cakes for the Jubilee Party tomorrow. We only had to take in 6 so Jof and I glued our jaws together with the icy remainders.

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