Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Jean Sequins; code of life

park climbing apparatusangled car tyres in playparkfunny pic birds on a wireWalked to school past the carcases of several deceased umbrellas. I actually got to play outside as the weatherguessers had got it wrong again.
kids with bike helmetsWe'd already arranged to see Ben, it was so nice he rang from the park to say get here top haste by bike, so I did. Football 'Arry was there as well as a plethora of schoolfriends.
We enjoyed the sun, played Star Wars, chase the stick, wave the sword, Ben kissed us both which made us go urgh and we ran around getting sun.
Once the 'Arries had gone we did some circuits on the bikes and came back to ours for Lego Heroism while the old people sat in the garden and drank tea. In fact we were so engrossed in Heroics that we forgot to consume any of the FAB ice lollies in the freezer. I had to do so much homework to make up for all this Puddletime, and there's a bank holiday weekend coming up.....

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