Monday, 30 April 2012

A grand day out

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Since the year before I was born, the olds (and now me as well) have been keeping to one side all the pennies etc found on the pavement, and putting it into a special account with my name on it, to be saved up forever and ever, and only used when I buy my first house.
It was originally supposed to be for the things I'd forgotten, like a washing machine, but now we're thinking I should put it with the big lumps of moolah from Blind Uncle Len and use it as a house deposit. Yesterday the fund reached £1000. So this weekend we'll stick it in a high-yield tax-free kiddie bond and start all over again. Straight to the hairdressers after school where I got a sticky tropical fruits lolly in return for a grade 2 trim, which I enjoy running my fingers over.
Then yet another of the long list of jobs - hoovering the car. We haven't done it since, well, ever, in fact. Since I bought it we've transported my dead plastic house, bags of compost from B+Q, wood from the pirate ship pub and 4 loads of Elizabeth's dead fence.
So there was lots to hoover and we had to buy the extended hoove-a-thon so we had enough time.
hoovering the car at the gas stationThe evening saw the Beavers/Cubs/Scouts AGM which was fairly dull for me so the kiddies absconded to play paper aeroplanes. George from my class got the Scout leaders' bronze badge and we didn't win anything on the raffle. They will have a stall on the Picnic on the Green (by St James' mad hospital) on Sat 2nd of June so we ought to go to that, I'm sure to meet several people I know on the fire engine like last year.
There is 1 vacant position in the Beavers. So if maybe a Ben or similar wanted to join up.....

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