Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter! (Show me the Bunny)

giant cardboard box used as childrens playhouse'Twas a day like any other day, until it all started. I rang the JoniBobs to say did they want to come round and play in Box 7 for a while. Mr JoniBob counter-bid let's meet in the park and play football and then reward ourselves with a beer'o'clock. I saw him and raised him a box first, then park.
So the JBs arrived by bike and Johnny and I got on with Lego Hero-ing while Bobert collected teddy bears to go in the housebox.
cricket swingball football in the parkThen Erin texted from the park saying where are you, then, and we all decamped top haste by bike to the large footy area in the warm sunshine and set up shop. Jof brought swingball, we all played football with rotating teams of confusion and then switched to cricket. Somebody must be a Bob Willis fan because the runups started getting longer and longer, we ended up starting the runup from practically outside the park which doesn't help bowling accuracy.
girl in football kit playing cricketWe all had a go at everything - goalkeeping, striking, bowling, sulking, batting, swingballing, wicketkeeping, riding bikes round and round the park and Going Off In A Huff. I think the greater numbers plus many different sports was key to the success - if you got in a huff about one thing, you could simply try something else. We ebbed and flowed between all the disciplines for ages.
pretend restaurant from pub barbecue
And if that wasn't enough, then it was beer'o'clock. We all climbed on the broken house and found a bit of broken-off broomstick and used it as an incendiary Bomb to throw into the house. This was OK until Johnny got a small girl right in the face and wouldn't say sorry. This got him the red card and he had to go home.
blazing bonfire in back gardenBut Erin came on as substitute and Gemma's Charlie joined in, and once she'd got rid of her outlaws, Elizabeth came on as guest speaker with an impressive amount of blood running down her face from a scratched spot and we were set, fuelled by choccie biccies. Shame we didn't have a Ben as well.
The adults kept visiting the bar and Jof spilled her pint all over ErinsMum and we ran rampage in the garden until hometime.
Straight away we set off the bonfire we'd prepared earlier and the whole of Elizabeth's fence went up in a blaze of glory. As usual I was left in charge while they went off for supper and bit by bit the pile went down and even the sweeping-up was done by bedtime.
The last time we went to Grandad's house, we took away some booze he didn't want any more. As usual, the eat-by dates were a little out so when we tried the Tesco Best Bitter (1997) it was yellow and lumpy so the compost heap got it all. Tonight was no different as the Guinness (best before 2009) had a purplish tinge and the Pina Colada (1995) was completely fizz-less and a bit too green. The compost heap smells very suspicious.
Yes. It was a Good Friday.

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  1. Re the compost, Ben's nana says "rat-arsed?"!


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