Monday, 16 April 2012

The transcendental biscuit of deliverance vs the scone of fury

funny fail live hand grenade easter egg hunt
Back to the grindstone along with all the other slackers. I have failed to learn my spelling words for the week, and the book comprehension sheet remains empty. And then I'm going to have to tell the scoutmaster that I've lost my woggle, and that Nanna hasn't sewn on my new badges.
But at least I had a good time.
Upon returning home, I did 20 minutes' work on the comprehension etc. That is, until I moaned and fluffed and sulked and argued so much it took an hour and 20 minutes. I bet nobody else has to do this. I can't wait until I'm away at big school and I can be shot of his 'encouragement' forever, no work, can't wait. If he wants it done so badly, why doesn't he just do it?
Another enjoyable Beaver Patrol once the dancing girlies had put away those dratted ribbons-on-sticks, then supper II and more Monopoly. There is a chance I could actually lose his one.
At bedtime I announced that I didn't need to learn to read because I can just look at the pictures. In a book with no pictures, I can simply read the title and solve it from there. Like giving self-raising flour to an orphan.

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