Friday, 13 April 2012

Mungle Ton and the Mexican carwash

valleys and hills in rural dorsetGot up early for breakfast: I don't like marmalade. First up, a tour of the estate and then a 2 and a half mile walk up the hill and right round past both dairies and down the D-road mudslide. At the top, Grandad said can you read the roadsign pointing to the next village. It was 2 and a half miles so I had trouble construing the digits: Bud put his hand over the 1/2 and said can you read it now. I confidently read it as 2. Then the 1/2 fell off in his hand, honest, yerronner. This is clearly vandalism of council property and we couldn't glue it back on so from now on, an official Dorset roadsign is a lie. We laughed at him.
obstacle course in swingpark made by tractorsTook a trip into town to visit the charity shops that were closed yesterday and bought 2 skeins of wool for Jof - is this what we have come to etc. Then we did the playpark that has a decent skatepark with lots of boys showing off their scooter moves to the uninterested girlies and I did the obstacle course.

me with vandalized roadsign half mile marker
Shhh.... don't tell anyone
 Then we approached the hospital outside of official visiting hours, and with heads down, we walked confidently through the ward corridor, quietly but quickly, making no eye contact, speaking to nobody and looking like we knew what we were doing, a classic infiltration move.
 We reached our objective due to being invisible and had said goodbye to Grandma before we were rumbled by the nurse and had to go. This is valuable secret agent training, he didn't tell me where he was taught this.
 Home via delays caused by 2 accidents on the motorway, it kept raining on and off (Mexican carwash). We got home in time for swimming and big hugs with Jof.
Incidentally, should anyone disbelieve that this is me, here is another picture of me on the same bed aged 5 months.

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