Monday, 2 April 2012

Face painting: one more for the woad

windows operating system fail of fails funny picture
First day of holiday proper, didn't feel the need to get up. So we dossed seriously and I played lego heroes and jumped on the garden jumping rocket a few times. When I finally had a good idea (go to canoe lake) we had to eat lunch first and made it out of the house for 240.
It was quite busy and I met my schoolmate who also does Beavers and Archie from Beavers and probably many more if I wasn't so busy spending Jof's money. The giant caterpillar bouncy castle was back so I did 24 circuits before I ran out of time. I did the usual swingpark and waterpark stuff and then Bud joined us top haste by bike to watch me do a new kind of boat.
one-man paddle boat on canoe lake southseaIt's a one-man paddle steamer with arm-powered turning wheels not like the leg-powered swans. You can't go very far on them and I did get stuck repeatedly on a submerged traffic cone but it was hilarious so retweet to all Puddlers. The 2 wheels move independently so I did spend a lot of my time cranking frantically and going round and round in little circles but you've got to start somewhere.
minigolf course by miniature village southseaSome other kids had lost their little toy boat and it'd come to rest against the safety rope so I tried to retrieve it - but however many times I manoeuvred round and round in little circles I couldn't get it.
From there we found a new minigolf course and followed my Beaver friend around it - I got 64 and he got much more. A few goes on the slide of death with my Beaver friend whose Mum thought we were stalking them and it was time for Jof to walk the usual 5 miles to find a toilet and home again.


  1. Hi there! Can you tell me the name of the arm-powered paddle boat? We have been searching for them everywhere but this picture is the only one we have come across! Thank you!

    1. No! I've never seen them before or since. But the guy who rented them out is still there, in his little hut with the pedalo swans. If you're not local, he may be available through


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