Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Gym'll fix it, stone the crows

portsmouth gymnastic centre kids parties and lessonsAn excellent start to the day - TV, Lego heroes and computer games. Then it got a bit more hectic with a trip to the Portsmouth Gymnastic Centre for an hour's session. This was not a structured instructions-for-badges thing, it was just play like at the kiddie parties. Sadly it also 100% coincided with tennis with the JBs but I had already made my decision.
After the gym, my little legs were so tired I reneged on my promise to cycle up to the little sandpit park by Hilsea Moat but on his run, Bud had found something else. The council workmen had been tidying the forest of Hilsea Lines and had cut down a load of trees in readiness for bonfires. Some of them looked like excellent bonfire prodders. felled trees and quarterstaffs staves, chopped logsLook at the two sturdy staves I'm holding up just like Queen Victoria with the pair of Ninja swords. Well shave my barnacles with a snub-nosed carbine, I said to myself, the next time one of those treacherous Billy Goats McGuff come trip-trapping across MY bridge, I can give him a little taste of Mr Quarterstaff, can't I, then we will see about who headbutts who off his own bridge, O yes indeedy!
But no sooner had I finished lunch then we were off again, to meet Speaking Rock Man who swapped us some of his rocks for some of ours in a furtive anonymised meeting in a downtown cafe (although my cover was blown when George from my class was already in there).
portsmouth creative movement meeting with codling pebblesWhy, some may say, but I now have a genuine bit of signed art that declares "This stone dreamt of the ends of the earth but it's barely been to the edge of the island", and a number rock that says "What does the future hold?".
Well, I knew and I didn't. I knew that when we went into Knight and Lee, I would buy Black Phantom, the biggest Lego Villain. What I didn't know was that a very large noisy fire engine would chase us right to the very door, making us cross the road 3 times to avoid being run over by a phalanx of firefighters.

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