Monday, 9 April 2012

Well, Butter my Chestnuts

air hockey game at amusement arcade gunwharf portsmouthRecovery day. We got up very late and everyone was quiet apart from Jof who insisted we did housework. He hoovered while Jof and I cleared out all the paperwork: we recycled the free baby magazines from the NHS and all my "Welcome to your first year at school" stuff.
After lunch we (like the rest of Portsmouth) went to Gunwharf to watch Pirates! In an adventure with scientists! which was very funny. Erin and the JBs have seen it already and there are many jokes buried within for the eagle-eyed viewer. But we arrived at the wrong time so had to bimble around the complex for an hour before the film started: I got candied snakes and played on the machines with the flashing lights, and played air hockey even when the blowers had run out.
Jof says that I've got enough money to buy Black Phantom, can't wait.
At the promised Bath Fizzer and Potion night, I opened a Monster Milkshake Shop and sold Swamp Grass Smoothies.

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