Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Buster Catch, Inventor of Prophylactic Curtains

family photo funny menu engrishI have requested a back door to be installed in my new house (Box 7) so that I can sit outside in the back garden.
It was supposed to be a day for indoor games, following an adverse weather report by the weatherguessers but it didn't turn out that way. Still, I lazed for most of the day, did a little light decorating of Box 7 and pestered Jof about our trip to the Pyramids. Much like "Are we there yet?", it was "I just can't wait to get there/when are we going/is Bud home yet" etc. pyramids centre portsmouth waterslides soft play
Eventually he turned up and we made it down there. Now I'm an orange hat at swimming, I'm much better and didn't need any help. I jumped in off the side, went down the waterflumes several times on my own and beetled around during wave alert. Because of not wanting a parking ticket and new rules about coloured wristbands, we had to go after 2 hours so we missed super-duper wave alert but it was still great exercise and lots of fun.
My antique Spanish demijohn has a capacity of 9 3/4 litres, enough to fit 14 bottles of wine. This is going to be a Puddleparty to remember. (Or not, as the case may be)

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  1. Mrs Ben is glad you've found the teapot for this Motherpuddling party.


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