Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mission Unpronounceable

destroyer d89 leaves portsmouth harbour, not the titanicUp in a whirlwind of efficiency and to the YMCA by 0815 which is when they opened. Looking forward to paddling with at least 3 Puddlers as it's swimming day.
aircraft carrier leaves portsmouth harbour, not the titanic
Meanwhile some number rocks were returned to the sea from whence they came and a small task force slipped silent and unnoticed from port. Well reformat my hard drive with a Bosun's cockatiel, I said to myself, I wonder if Syria's in for a visit.
Back in 1980s Saudi Arabia, the local authorities had cash enough to erect some national monuments due to a slight petro-dollar windfall. So on every street corner there was a garish, baffling or merely inadvisable statue or other in styles as yet unknown. One was a 20-foot high thumb, pointing skywards. So of course us expatriates instantly called it Thumb Road - most roads look similar as they were essentially concrete and sand with assorted feral dogs, so it was useful to have landmarks. However the authorities got wind of this. They wanted the road to be called Prince Faisal al-Abdelaziz ben-Mehmet bin-Massoud al-HamduLillah el-Whatsisface Street not Thumb Road, so they took the thumb down. Since then, it's been known as Ex-Thumb Road.
On and off thunderstorms today - Pops got the fears but next time there's a good one I'm going down to the seafront to watch it from one of those glass bus-stops by the pier.
Had a top day in YMCA, no Bob but an Erin and a Beth. We swam, drew, made castles, watched tennis, bought sickly red strings from the tuck shop and scooted around the floor on sofa cushions that had clearly been rescued from a skip. I have a rash on my tum again - same cause as last time, the raft thing in swimming is scratchy.
After bedtime there was a pitched battle in the kitchen trying to catch a mouse.

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