Sunday, 29 April 2012

The contraceptive invader

Woke up and disturbed their cuddle.
climbing slope in pirate petesTodays' shopping was in Giant Tesco in Havant so Jof could get craft stuff for the Jubilee party. I got yet another Lego Hero but as soon as we were home, I complained once too often and the whole box of Lego Heroes went onto the top shelf of the booze cupboard and didn't come down. I howled.
soft play area making a den with giant lego bricksWe'd already invited Ben to Pirate Pete's so that had to go ahead. We met them down there in the lashing storms and got straight to work while Bens' parents shopped. Bud played the role of wandering assassin as usual and we chased each other round and round firing high velocity ballpit balls at each others' bottoms.
We got 2 hours of Piraticals so managed to build a massive den in the soft play area (reserved for 5s and under) and another round of Ball Attack and some enormous cookies covered in smarties before we went our separate ways. We were all pink with exertion. The green sea was roiling and splashing up over the sea wall, the hovercraft was having lots of difficulty again.

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