Monday, 23 April 2012

Red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme

touched genitals funny product hand sanitizerAnother rude awakening from the late mornings of the weekend. The weather continues to encourage us to de-evolve into amphibians. I'm supposed to be doing fitness training in the park with the Beavers today, lucky that Beavers are accomplished swimmers.
Once we'd waded home, I did my spelling and bicycle homework for Grandad and then helped Bud make CrackleBombs.crackle bombs for children to throw on bonfire
These special items, invented by Ben and myself, are a cunning mixture of natural and manufactured components. First get your giant clingfilm inner tube, then shove loads of dried evergreen twigs (with leaves still attached) into both ends of the tube, enough to wedge it in place. Favourite tree for these purposes - Bay tree, but all manner of firs, holly, Xmas tree, eucalyptus etc are all just as good, and in fact variety helps it all along. Then once completely dried, these go on the bonfire and go up in a frantic incendiary crackle-storm of igniting oils and waxes from the leaves. We now have 9 for the next PuddleParty and this frees up my plastic house for destruction which will mean more space in the garden and we're too old for it anyway.
At Beavertime the park was a soggy quagmire with vast puddles. I am an experienced Puddler so didn't drown but it meant that the promised fitness training was off. Three Beavers got badges today, 2 got bronze leader's awards for getting 6 challenge square badges, and then Jake got promoted to cubs when 2 "Sixer" cubs jumped him across a plastic river. Yes, it's complicated.
Bedtime saw the return of the post-exercise leg pains and a howl-in-the-shower. It never takes long for the kiddie ibuprofen to work but then Jof went on the NHS Direct website to get advice about preventing re-occurrence and got locked into an urgent callback from a qualified nurse. Jof actually had to phone them to cancel the call. They are more trouble than they're worth.

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