Thursday, 5 April 2012

Eating at the Wok of Gibraltar Restaurant

tennessee rednecks need a vasectomy spanish baby
Another day of strangeness. First is the "Easter Party", in reality a trip to Krazy Kaves with Erin and whoever else took me seriously. Then Beth has invited both of us to recreate our Restaurant antics at her place which is good as she has a kitchen in her bedroom. I do like being outnumbered by girlies.
First up was Krazy Kaves. As promised, Erin was there and so was a bonus Ben. We went round and round on missions seeking combinations of coloured balls and throwing them down the slide. No adults felt willing to join in hide'n'seek so we gave up on that. Photos are not available as I forgot to take the camera.
home decorated easter eggs and basketsAfter KK I had my once-in-a-lifetime treat of Almost-Chicken McMorsels at McDougalls. With the JoyMealDeal I got a small plastic pirate who waves his arm in a disclocated way if you press a button on his back. If you hyper-extend it, he can also stab himself in the bottom with his own cutlass. The other two got Queen Victorias with detachable skirts à la Bucks Fizz, suits them sir.
After a cooling off period (not 14 days) at home we set out for Beth's house. In another decent play session we played:
  1. Easter Bingo - guess the blob. We took it in turns to be Carder (not Caller) who had to guess the icon from the home-drawn card.
  2. Decorating egg shapes and egg baskets with glittery eggs and rabbits etc.
  3. Shops. This was pressure selling at its worst, we required adults to play the role of customer as before, and we shouted our sales patters all at once like so many short Moroccan Soukh salesmen.
  4. The Wok of Gibraltar Restaurant. Brief, but haute cuisine.
Sadly pictures are again unavailable due to my pet adult forgetting the camera.
granny square knitted blanket first novice attempt
Jof has finished her Disaster Blanket©. Based on a blanket made of granny squares that we have all seen and been irritated by, this was the culmination of weeks of practice runs with wool of all nations in a variety of almost-rectangles. Jof learnt crocheting from Nanna and has been crotchety every evening even while watching Scooby-doo with me after suppers. She has finally finished it and here it is in all its polychrome glory. It's a lot better than I could do. She says it's called a Disaster Blanket© because only a blind Sowetan earthquake victim could love it.

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