Sunday, 15 April 2012

Elpha Leather, inventor of the Napalm Enema

cardboard house being burnt on bonfireBreakfasted regally on scrambled egg and black pudding. Today is Box 7 destruction day as it's back to reality tomorrow and we need the room back. We used a serrated bread knife to chop it into bits. Then, just as I was settling down into my TV viewing life, Pops knocked on my door and we cycled round and round the park. Baby Edward's Grade 2 haircut is nothing of the sort, he practically still needs a haircut, I guess mothers just can't let go.
During another marathon TV session, Bud switched it off and told me to go and read a book. What's the point of reading? If it doesn't have a name like Black Phantom I don't want it, just because he could read when he was 3 doesn't mean I'll ever need to. So I hid under my bed.
Box 7 flamed brightly but briefly, as is the way with cardboard houses. Jof played me at Monopoly but also made me read 2 books.

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