Saturday, 28 April 2012

Shanks' pony

After filling up the bottlebank, we just kept on walking. We visited 9 charity shops and a church sale, spread from Highland Road to the Bridge centre. We got 2 fancy glasses for the Puddleparents, 5 bath fizzers, 8 toy cars, a wallet and some sweetcorn.
groovy dance moves with my girlLast time I was at the YMCA, both Erin and Elizabeth had purses, so I sought out a wallet in the Salvation Army shop which has sections for all my credit cards, coins and notes: currently I use it for keeping my Lego heroes fund and all the receipts. I demonstrated my urbane wit by saying I knew all about late-night kebabs on a Saturday after the pub. Meanwhile, Jof went to the hairdressers and had her eyebrows done, so now she has an expression of permanent surprise.
In the afternoon I visited Erin to design T-shirts: here we are wearing our creations.
We danced and pranced and pestered and eventually Erin got the huffs and had to go to bed. Then Bud turned up for Beer'o'clock just as we were going.
At home (with Happy Feet) I had the chinese take-away I've been banging on about for ages and didn't like it.
Bath fizzer night music was donated by ErinsDad - the Stranglers greatest hits. I asked "How did the first man get to be a man?" which turned out to be a complicated question. Bud consumed the final Crunk Juce left over from New Years' eve, it was black and tasted of medicine. Youtube videos: some breakdancers on the NY subway, rhythmic gymnastics and Zep's Stairway to heaven.

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