Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tad Pole, inventor of the Larva lamp

engrish funny sign don't hurt animalsGrandma is due out of hospital today, hope she doesn't get washed away by thunderstorms.
Because of the weather, it was pretty obvious that Wednesday Park was off. So it was lucky (or suspicious) that Bud and BensMum were driving down the Eastern Road together and were able to wind down their windows and arrange to come round to our place just by shouting and gesticulating. Who needs mobile phones anyway?
So Ben and the JBs arrived at normal park time and we started straightaway on the lego heroes and lego electric train while the olds talked.
selection of swords battleaxes sabres and samurai swordsWithout prior arrangement we took jaffa cakes, chocolate minirolls, apples, yogurts and eventually cucumber (you can't help thinking that given enough time, an infinite number of Mungles would make a roast chicken dinner) to fuel our evil desires and played running the gauntlet and standing on the kitchen worksurfaces and making dens and so on.
In the end one of the support slats under my bed was broken, quite possibly by the combined weight of 4 bouncing boys. And I thought I'd first do that with Pops (blego electric train. lego heroes and densecause we bounce on my bed, what did you think?)
Once they'd gone (all in the JBs' car as BensMum has a puncture, as well as a new teaching job), I played more Monopoly with Jof, the rent bills are now in the £900 region so quite hairy.

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