Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Chui Biltong, Inventor of the Bratislava Boogie

believe in god instantly breathspray funny productDay 2 of the spring break.
Today I should break Jof upon the wheel of finance in only the second hour of the latest game of Monopoly. I'm a little green in the negotiations area: I haven't fully grasped the value of tangible assets and revenue streams - if I'm charging you £600 for landing on a Pub on Pentonville Road then I'm easily persuaded/fobbed off into accepting a station and a get out of jail free card. But the only game I've ever lost was the first one I played. Ever since, it's been a bejewelled parade of crushing victories against the mere mortals that have given me life. There's gratitude for you. Yes, won by the rather ordinary margin of £6471.
It's all happening at Grandma's house. A man is coming to install handrails and ramps and stuff. Perhaps I'll be able to move around the whole house without touching the floor.
playing in the sandpit landport adventure playground portsmouthDecided to start an 'Adventure in Wildlife' book for show'n'tell. The giraffe is recognisable but the elephant (Indian) has matchstick legs and Yeti feet.
Decided I needed some pictures from magazines to copy from, so searched charity shops only to come away with wool and my very own sellotape dispenser.
Asda provided magazines and some chocolate fingers for Bud's new secret project. Chose the healthy option (soss and chips) at Rebecca's Pantry (we didn't see Rebecca) to energize me for Extreme Sandpitting at Landport Adventure Playground, singing YMCA on the way but without the dance moves or costumery.
This is the same sandpit I have played in many times including once with Ben: today I stayed in it for 2 hours working on exactly the same water-based civil engineering project, most likely a hydroelectric dam.
ayelense valencian demijohn rescued from skipOnce I'd returned from the Infinitely Deep Pit, it was straight in the bath for me, even after a hurried change of clothes at the playground. That is when I discovered some more things he'd been up to.
1.  Box 7 has been erected and christened. I pointed out where I wanted the windows and then decorated it. It has an equilateral triangle skylight to maximise brightness, a lot of stickers and a dual-layer foam base for added comfort! All I need now are some friends to share it with.....
2.  Last Friday at Beer'o'Clock at the Pirate ship Pub we were playing hide'n'seek by the large pile of rubbish by the back gate that's being cleared this week. Bud got permission to remove some items: we got some loft-boards, some random bits of bonfire wood, some Fursty Ferret pint glasses and an antique Spanish Ayelense demijohn. This green glass item was hand-blown in 19th century Valencia. It contained 369 wine corks (now filling the sack next to it) and a penny: no, we don't know what we're going to do with it yet.
He also discovered some appointments for the Puddle Beer'o'Clock diary he hasn't told me about yet.....

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