Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lester Carry, inventor of the anti-grav trolley

boy under bed broken slat mended with pallet
star wars yoda joke Today I got into the golden book twice! Once for moving up a reading level to Turquoise, and the other for a well-presented Show'n'tell. I displayed the football tickets from the last home game of the season last Saturday, and a printout of the penalty we conceded on our way out of the Championship division.
plastic B+Q playhouse breakupOnce I'd done final revision for my spelling words, I settled down in front of the TV but was disturbed by: mending my bed.
One of the support slats was somehow broken asunder last Wednesday when the JBs, Ben and myself were under the bed. So Bud brought home a bit of pallet and, instead of burning it, did a "There, I fixed it" unprofessional repair. It'll do the trick.
vandalizing house destruction
Later, because we'd cleared all the burnable twigs out of my playhouse, it was good to go. I bravely bashed at it with my battleaxe (sturdy sycamore stave from the forest a couple of weeks ago) while he did the boring pointless stuff like removing screws and support clips.
dismantling toy houseEventually I gave it one almighty smack and it collapsed completely in comical circus style. It has done us well for £32 over 3 years and losing it has doubled the size of our garden. We will move on.  

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