Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Marvellous Avengers assemble

post presidential assassination attempt dried blood vial 1981adult stuck in playground apparatus curly ladder
So. A vial of Ronald Reagan's blood is up for auction. The "owner" said she was going to give it to the Ronbo Raygun Foundation but in honour of his capitalist policies, has decided to sell it, bids now at $10k.
What's next - pieces of the true cross? Julius Caesar's fingernail clippings? Tissue samples from the crashed Asgards from Roswell? European churches have jealously hoarded "relics" in bejewelled golden reliquaries for centuries, so what will be the relics of the future? So many possibilities.... Jof kept the trimmings from my first haircut, I'm bound to lose my baby teeth at some point, I don't need ten toes, really, do I? Time to start keeping those used handkerchiefs, methinks.
los vengadoresAt last, warmth arrived in a flurry of solar radiation and I could lose my winter coat. Today is the venerable institution "Wednesday Park" in which diverse characters come together for sugary comestibles, psychobabble and football, all in 3D. Today I was Mr Nick Fury, gathering superheroes Thor, Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk and the naughty Asgardian Loki.
marvel at the assembled avengersFirst we climbed and played with the one lego hero we had until a ball was produced, then all the decent (and indecent) action was outside the park. We had scooter and foot races against Loki's Chitauri army, the format was mostly thus: everyone lines up, one person shouts readygo! and they run off, the others say well I wasn't ready, he's cheating, then when the actual runner has got 90% of the way round the course you do a quick loop, cross the finishing line you were standing next to and say I've won 'cos you cheated. This we took turns at so in the end everyone won and everyone cheated. We opened the magic portal with a tesseract we made earlier and prevented the hostile extra-terrestrials from enslaving the human race by mind control.
breadticks and melon picnicErin can scoot 1 circuit in 1 minute 23 seconds but Bob reckons he can do it quicker because he only counted up to 47 before he got distracted.
Presently we retired to the Helicarrier (today doubling up as S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters) and had a picnic of Jaffa cakes, breadsticks and melon (no shawarmas this time).
It was a lovely hot day and some of us took off our shirts but Erin couldn't as she only had a school smock/blouse/whatever it's called. Overall it was great fun with a bonus Erin (who does not normally make it to the boy-filled Wednesday Park), a high calorific burn with a low whinge coefficient. We called it after 2 and a half hours of hot fun and I had to read half of Alice in Wonderland because my teacher says I should be reading more. I don't know who wrote that story but I think they've been eating the wrong kind of mushrooms again.

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