Friday, 25 May 2012

Hello? Is it Mungle you're looking for?

child of alcoholism parenting fail
Happy Friday! Because Bud had an emergency office move yesterday, all the saved-up combustibles had to come home all in one hit or be consigned to the bin. Thus we gained another cable drum, 6 sheaves of triangles, 20 tubes and 30 resin-impregnated wooden boards (the ones that go up like Rome when you play violins at it). Thus I will have a quick burn this weekend, just to prepare the way for the Puddle Julie B party next month, you understand.
On the way back from school we started on the chromatography project, inside, because the conservatory was a balmy 118°F.
home made chromatography experimentWe collected samples of flowers from peoples' gardens and added it to tissue samples from our own florid display.
chromatography experimentThis gave us a petal selection which I pounded and ground in our metal pestle and mortar. The aqueous extraction of the above was greeny-purplish and gooey. We separated it into 2 equal pots and added circles of blotting paper (from Jof's work) and cut tongues to dip into the polychrome solution.
We left the 2 experiments to work their magic. Who knows what they'll look like in a week or so?
After swimming we drove down to pick up Jof and she was in the pub so was late out. While we were waiting 2 drunk men got in the back of the car and said "How much to Gunwharf mate?" - how were we to know we were in a cab rank? We said if she was late again she'd have to get a bus.

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