Thursday, 17 May 2012

Not as stupid as I think you are

manual jack interchange telephone operator inside computer
Today I ditched Melissa, the girl with the squint. She's been seeing someone else on the side.

I guess at the end of this school year I won't be on the School Council any more. I've got nothing to lose but my chains of office.

body fluid disposable containersScooted home and helped tidy the conservatory by destroying a cardboard box, then disturbing Jof repeatedly while she was on the phone to Nanna. I am a gas molecule that occupies all available space.
She had been off for the day painting the booze cupboard so I took the chance to play her at cards, dancing martians and many other games because it was drizzling and I couldn't go out for my supplementary scoot.
I have obtained a second granny-poo pot, quite why the school has disposable bodily fluid containers I'll never know (because I've forgotten what it's like to be a reception year child).
Supper was pasta with cheese sauce. But the sauce was pre-impregnated with ketchup, and pre-loaded with chopped salami. I shall eat this ambrosia forever.

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