Friday, 18 May 2012

Not even a pretty face

young girls covered in green gunk gunge spooge
Happy Friday!
I'm learning a new song to perform on the stage at school in a few weeks - the whole class is doing it so I don't get to be lead character again.
football game in pub beer gardenAfter a typically ebullient swimming lesson we picked Jof up from work and I was telling her about the awesome thing I'd made in cutting + sticking class, for a minute there I couldn't remember what it was, then I said "Oh! Ship! Ship!" and she told me off for using a bad word. What is she like? Then we left Jof to iron and pack suitcases and do laundry and all those fun jobs while we scooted to the pub. Johnny and I played whizz the pool ball until we were told to get off by the landlord (because we tend to hold on to the cushions which damages them).
royal artillery pub portsmouthBob had a football so we kicked it around outside and in fact out of the garden several times. Getting Bud to retrieve it from the street was profitable because he also found a golf ball for us: the time Ben pinged it into the neighbours' garden was extra fun because we found out where Ginger Lenny lives. Next door to the pub! How cool is that?
pub pool table and bike helmets
For a while it was boys against Erin which was a bit unfair, but over the period we all had fun. However there were the usual arguments as well so we might not do the Beer'o'clock pub for a bit.
When the deadline that Jof had given us had well and truly passed by we decamped for home, at the same time as everyone else. So there I was, scooting at maxi-speed along the pavement with him running along behind me, when my front wheel hit a divot or woodlouse or dead leaf or some other dread obstacle and over I went. He went over me and we both sprawled across the pavement in a big pile of unhappiness. I howled my way home but wasn't really damaged.

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