Friday, 4 May 2012

Not the dryads you're looking for

star wars funny picHappy Friday to you
Happy Friday to me
It's an extra long weekend
Happy Friday to us

The weekend is here
So be of good cheer
As pub time draws near
I can almost smell beer

What can I say. Some days are unremarkable. I got 5/6 on the spelling, a small "Well Done" sticker, failed to finish a hot (cold) cross bun, learnt backstroke in swimming, and played Jof at Totopoly as soon as she'd got home from a crappy day at work and had done some laundry. None of these things were worth it (or legal) to record on film.
I look forward to the May Fayre at St Marys' church, the one whose belfry adorns my homepage. I might get to go on the horses this year.
Plus, I thought this was a really clever Star Wars joke that I made up, thanks, for Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), but no, it's been used in World Of Warcraft already. Poodles to you, geeks.

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