Saturday, 26 May 2012

Potions, parks and pinatas

milton park portsmouthThe potions (chromatography experiments) are going well, but slowly.
Normal morning walk to Tunnel park where we met 'Arry with his Mummy of unknown European extraction and Conrad with his YummyMummy. We collected pine cones and brought several home for the bonfire.
bransbury park portsmouth
We said poo to skin cancers and only put our shirts on to go in the Butchers' shop to get black pudding. It was yet another splendid day, let's hope all the Piddlers got some of that good ol' vitamin D.
victoria park portsmouthThen it was a bus ride to town to get me the promised bath fizzer. I chose the "Rocketeer" which looks like a blue cats' face: apparently it floats in the bath and 2 protuberances fizz quicker than the rest which propels it forward, like camphor. I may have to video it.
This also meant I could get pushed in a handy abandoned Sainsburys' trolley into the nearby Victoria Park and have an ice cream with flake and climb on the wooden things and rope nets.
mr cool with army boots and cable drum for bonfireWhile he ran I helped Jof start on the Jubilee pinata. We did it Art Attack-style, let's hope it works. Later we took a bin back to Asda. It's a replacement for our broken kitchen flip-top bin, but the new one doesn't flip. It doesn't open at all, even if you manhandle it roughly. I know we have to reduce landfill but this is ridiculous. Went to B+Q for the new bin but theirs were all £36 or £85 which is unreasonable.
colourful bath bomb fizzerFired the big cable drum (too many splinters for a Puddleparty) and the excess wood and fried the nearby plants again. When we used prodder sticks to remove the metal support struts out of the cable drum, they were glowing red hot. Watched some of the Eurovision song contest and laughed at the funny foreigners with their strange garments, dances and accents. Why is it most of them sing in English but nobody votes for us?
It was 10 by the time I hit the bath and the fizzer was very colourful but didn't scoot across the surface really. Watched a couple of relaxing youtubes and hit the sack at 11 something.

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