Sunday, 13 May 2012

The mountain of chocolate balls

southsea shingle beach by the pyramidsStarted the day well with blutwurst in my fry-up.
Randomly we visited Kat (Jofs' work friend) who has a corner plot so one of the biggest gardens in Pompey. They have chickens and bees and a rifrif dog and a 12 foot trampoline which I went on, but they don't have ducks any more because the fox ate them. We gave them a bag of compost and 4 giant garlics, as you do.
Sainsburys' was ok I suppose but there was no room for me in the trolley because of all the stuff they bought for the Jubilee Puddleparty.
 outside the d-day museum portsmouth with overlord embroidery
Once I'd had lunch I hit the road with Bud running alongside, just as all the football matches were starting, and met the Popses outside who marvelled at my grooviness. Jof sat in the sun in the garden. I cycled to Tunnel park and had a go on the trains. From there it was but a short hop through Eastney barracks to the seafront. It was quite busy but we avoided the slow fat people wandering about and reached the promised ice cream by the pyramids.
child size golf course with putting greenHe had Yeti Mountain and I had a malteser, it had 3 big chocolatey discs full of vanilla and little chocolate balls. The beach was the perfect place to eat them, then I had a wee in a bush, it's good being a bloke.
After some indecision I climbed the pyramids wall again, met the Popses by the D-Day museum and climbed on the tanks. In no time we were at the minigolf so as it was empty the man said we could do the crazy golf and the minigolf - so we did. He won, and we had a picnic on the deserted pitch'n'putt green.
The return journey was easier because of the wind direction and we got home to an empty house 3½ hours after setting out. Jof had gone out looking for us. In retaliation I beat her at battleships and was still gargling away to myself at 10pm.

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