Thursday, 3 May 2012

I got 99 problems but Erin ain't one

funny fail cooking with poo instruction manualKidnapped Erin from school at her mothers' request, must be an insurance job.
We started with Lego and Heroics (full yet brief nudity, some language) but pretty soon we had our usual disagreement as to what to do next and decamped to the tennis courts in the park with 2 orange plastic rackets, a mouse ball, a tennis ball and a golf ball. We batted them gamely until one of the rackets broke so abandoned them.
tennis practice courts in municipal park facilitiesI had my first howl when we tried to knock each other off-balance by shaking the tennis net cable - my lack of weight meant I lost. We moved on. Some kids had twisted the swings so they were too high - as soon as we'd worked out how to return them to normal, we carried on twisting them in new and interesting ways.
On the way out we discovered some paving slabs in the bushes in the corner (Dog Poo District) but I dropped one on my toeless trainer for howl #2. We agreed to disagree for the last bit at home until ErinsMum arrived to take her away from all this. However many times we say we don't like each other, we do really, it's not all physical.
I am going through a moany-bleaty-complainy phase which is somewhat grating for those immediately around me so I apologise.

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