Monday, 28 May 2012

Pommel horse and vault, rings and things

road to nowhere midnight train
At last, the day of the Key Steps gymnastics festival is here. The twelve of us took a minibus up to the big gymnastics centre by Alexandra park for the inter-school competition.
snake farm texas arrowheads artifacts fossils souvenirs roadside tourist Here's somewhere else I want to go when I have enough money. Jof probably won't enjoy it, though.
gymnastics medal for floor routine in school competition
Anyway, my class was competing against classes from lots of other schools and we got the Trophy for getting the biggest points score! I did my routine and remembered to present with one arm at the beginning, the other arm at the end and to hold the pose for 3 seconds etc. I was full of angle, skill and poise. In fact you could say I lit up the whole room with my anglepoise. Aha. So therefore because of my ultrafine display I got 99.1% which secured me the winners' medal for best in class, helping my school win the Trophy. We all got School Sport Partnership certificates with many worthy Olympic phrases such as courage-determination-respect and equality-friendship-inspiration-excellence. They also spelt my name wrong.
Scooted to Beavers via a quick go in the park: they awarded me the Fitness badge, then I scooted a couple of circuits of the park on the way home. It's been a good day for athletics, trick is to spend hours on the sofa eating chocolate then go nuts outside.

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