Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Growing old but not growing up

extra balcony in building funny failSo why isn't 'Shuger' how you spell it, then? This spelling lark's a con.
box of lego heroes and villainsToday was actual Wednesday park day but Ben re-located it to the green bit in front of his house for football because he reckons we haven't been round to his house for ages. I cycled there right past the place where 2 schoolkids were knocked down by a car yesterday.
We settled straight down to Lego heroism until the JoniBobs arrived with extra swords (Bob has Nunchukkas) and we all waved our weapons at each other, then we pulled our trousers back up and waved light sabres at each other. Johnny brings the fantastic news that 4 more Lego Hero/villains will be released in the Autumn, I'm sure every parent is ecstatic at this revelation. We might have gone on like that forever but someone remembered we were there to play football so we crossed the road and started.
reclaimed land on moorings way portsmouth
There was an awful lot of "He's not playing by my rules", "He's being bossy", "They're not doing it properly" etc, and a brief howlround from most of us but then we discovered that running off into the bundu (wilderness) was much more fun and we did larger and larger circuits of the outback until we were playing soldiers in the long grass half a mile away. At one point we made it down to the seafront and played on our favourite long rock, collaborated on throwing a boulder into the tidal mud: but we always come back. This way, we got much more exercise than anyone expected.
nature reserve moorings way landfillYou may see in the background a small splash of purple - this is the sole remainder of our seed-planting expedition last year (Divide and conker) and the lucky plant is Honesty - a biennial that is now an established population in front of Bens' house. I could have stayed for Sketti meatballs but I'm on a gruel and plankton diet because of all my moaning. This explains why I got pepperoni pizza, ciabatta, 3 veg and an avocado.
On the way back we met ElizabethsMum and even later, when Bud had to go back for my only raincoat, ErinsMum.

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