Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sister Rubys' house of pain

i shall play you the song of my people funny star wars
Another day of sun, looks like summer's here at last. A week or so ago, I was kayaking to school. Now it's Suncream-me-up and we actually had to hose the garden. A long-standing promise for a playdate came good today with LittleMax. I went straight home with him: we quarkled and hootled and rorgled our way up the road like the village simpletons of old, and we disappeared into his room for the duration, even though there was a trampoline in the garden.
by milton park bowls club portsmouthMeeting Bud half way, we cycled to swingpark and found George S from my class and his football, so we invaded his game and played shirtless.
park football shirtless, thor and iron manGeorge is better than us and he hit it right into my face when I wasn't looking and I got a crump on the nose: luckily there were no teachers present to award me a "Your child got a head bump" notification.
sacred cacti mescaline
When both George and LittleMax had to go, I did a few circuits of the park on my bike and got home just in time for Jof. The conservatory still measured a healthy 108°F which was nice for the chilli plants and the sun has brought out my pink cheeks and our first flower on the peyote cacti. With luck we shall soon have little baby peyotes to nurture as part of my Pan-Global Shaman Cult training.
My nose has recovered from the impact of the unexpected football.
Do I really have to learn my 3 x table?

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