Thursday, 24 May 2012

100 things to do before I die

doctor who and superman alien attack meet in london
Much has been made of this, with several books, much Twitterchat and so forth. So what's on my list? At the moment I am but 6 years old. So my list is:
Find some £50 notes
100 things to do before I die win lottery get richGet a new Lego Hero
Have my own tractor
Go to the pub
Have my own TV where the cartoons never end
Drive the forklift truck at Bud's work
but in the future I may reconsider as my priorities change. Perhaps my updated list will be:
Find some £50 notes
Swim with dolphins
100 things to do before I die swim with dolphinsOrbit Earth
Get a reply to my message in a bottle
Canoe down Grand Canyon
Put on lots of make-up and visit Mecca
Various desires involving girlies
Attend Rio carnival
And yet later in life, as death actually becomes a possibility on the distant horizon and my thoughts turn to self-prolongation:
Various desires involving girlies
100 things to do before i die rule a planetClone myself
Get a cameo in a film of my life story
Hold the world record for something really silly
Discover a comet or new species
Colonise and rule a second planet
So I reckon you can have one list, but it's got to evolve as you do.
The day started promisingly when I woke Jof up at 0830 to ask if I needed to go to school today. There was a bit of a rush and I got there just in time.
For my scheduled presentation I did a show'n'tell about the miniature trains ride at Nanna's place. I didn't get into the golden book, but nearly.
Jof has taken another half day so instead of simply watching TV while the bins were done around me, we have elected to take advantage of the sunshine and have a splash in the waterpark.
southsea seafront splashparkTwo small boys and a salami sandwich
 The main one (by the D-Day museum) was closed so we used the backup by canoe lake and hey presto, Ben and his toothy ex-girlfriend Aimee met us there. Also present was Luca from yesterdays' park, and various of my classmates, who must have had the same idea because the whole seafront was very full of people who had forgotten what sunshine looked like. Jof suspected that most had skived off for the entire day, for they were young, tanned, toned and undeserving.
canoe lake recreation areaWe got stuck in to the water splashpark instantly and ran up and down screaming with hordes of other wet youths. It squirts water from various nozzles in an undetermined pattern and we all got very wet.
portsmouth harbour wartime defence boomComing out to warm up, we chanced upon the picnic that Jof had made for us and gorged on salami and cheese sandwiches, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes and hula hoops.
We also excavated stones from the earthworks and got muddy: then we played bat'n'ball with an outsize set of ping-pongs and were joined by Joseph, who was in the year below us at Puddleducks. We all laughed at how incompetent we were, and didn't get in one huff all day. After a laugh-related leakage Ben donned his fourth pair of trousers that day and we were in hogs' heaven.
At going home time we cadged an ice cream from the van where we met George from Beavers and went to eat them on the seafront (where else?) and threw rocks into the sea.
2 and a half hours of sweaty blue-sky thinking later, we went home for an immediate shower. It was yet another excellent afternoon's work, can I be rich and famous now so I can do that every day, please?

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